Hi:) I am  Gabriel Quao and 39 years old and with scoliosis. As founder of Scoliosis Foundation Ghana I promote Scoliosis Relate Activities Online, organize events on scoliosis awareness for early detection and provide support for those afflicted with scoliosis.


 I have started this advocacy because I have realized that there has been no program on scoliosis awareness and no support group to seek help from in Ghana. My desire is to raise awareness of the condition. I have Adult kyphosis, a round back or hunchback, a condition in which the spine in the upper back has an excessive curvature. The upper back, or thoracic region of the spine, is supposed to have a slight natural curve and I have  been in pain for so long.


People said that I have turned my pain to passion. i had the opportunity to undergo surgery which would have been wonderful for me but i have leaved my life to this age. I have gone through the challenges in life, and i am still going through. Not having the same equal opportunities from childhood, not forgetting the stare from others and the limitations. Hence,

i decided to put the next generations first by going this direction. In doing so, I have made a difference and will continue as long as I live and able to serve.


People with Scoliosis in Ghana deserve the right to live and feel good as the ordinary being without any stigma or discomfort. I have not allowed my condition to shut my dream of transforming my pain to passion for advocacy. I am helping parents to be aware on the signs of scoliosis in other for their kids to be treated early once screened with the condition. My dream is to ensure that these children  will not end up like me and the rest who suffer every day.


We need to support by promoting awareness and conducting scoliosis screening in Ghana. We need videos and awareness materials in different languages so that we can reach out to all. People need to be aware of this condition. Those afflicted with scoliosis will also be inspired to speak up and share their story.


Together with my team, we have spearheaded scoliosis awareness in Ghana and has formed a support group on Facebook . I am helping many parents save their kids from potential physical disabilities and serious side effects. Our country and the rest of the world needs someone to create positive public awareness, promote education and bring together those afflicted with the condition. I am just an individual making a difference. It was pain that pushed me to open my mind and inspired me to be passionate about what I do. I don't want the younger generation to go through what I've been through.


PLEASE! If you have a child with these symptoms, have it checked by a doctor or let us know. Don't let it go until they are adult like me. It causes too much pain and discomfort!



I am asking that you consider supporting my course and I hope you will support us organize and promote scoliosis awareness in Ghana and also in the implementation and conducting screening in schools Likewise implement and conduct scoliosis screening in schools for early detection.


You may check our facebook page: Scoliosis Foundation Ghana. Twitter and other social media:  Scoliosisghana. Your help will surely make a big difference.


visit our website. Spread the word.


God bless your kind heart! Please like SFG by sharing this message .


Thank you.




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