Scoliosis Foundation Ghana(SGF), a not- for-profit organisation with support from some benevolent organisations and philanthropists in the country have assisted 12- year-old Emily Darko, a scoliosis patient to successfully undergo a surgery to straighten up her spine.

Emily’s condition was critical which requires a surgery to correct the defect with her spine to aid her live a normal life just like any human being.The surgery was executed by team of experts from the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital in Accra. Speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony held at High Powered Ministries International in Accra, Founder of Scoliosis Foundation Ghana, Gabriel Ntow said it is always an exciting moment when Scoliosis Foundation Ghana is able to achieve its core goal of existence which is to solicit for support for people with the condition to undergo surgery. He also maintained Scoliosis Foundation as an organisation cannot work without the support of philanthropists and organisations like those who supported to make Emily’s own successful.Whiles commending other organisations, individuals and philanthropists for their immense contribution towards Emily’s fruitful surgery, Gabriel Ntow said “a lot of young children (both male and female) out there are crying for help to undergo surgery.

to also live a better life like all of us, but they do not have that support due to financial constraints being faced by Scoliosis Foundation Ghana”. Some of the key organisations and individuals who supported Emily’s surgery include Duffuor Foundation, Stephanie Karkari, 2011 Miss Ghana, Mr. Boffie (Uncle to Emily), Clients of Feb Exclusion Saloon, parents of Emily among others. For his part, the Overseer of High Powered Ministries International, Rev. William Hiadzi thanked the entire congregation for their prayers and financial support towards reliving the plight of Emily Darko. He maintained service to mankind is service to God calling on all well-meaning Ghanaians to come to the aid of the less privileged in the society, “since the blessing of God on us is meant to better society and not to ourselves alone”. He also used the occasion to remind all and sundry that there’s always a blessing in giving therefore they should give to support others.

Scoliosis is a condition that causes the (back) spine to curve to the left or right side. Most cases develop in children between the ages of 9 and 14 during the growth spurt of puberty. It is usually mild and needs no treatment. For more severe cases treatments include a back brace or sometimes surgery to straighten the spine.

Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu supports Scoliosis Foundation (Ghana)'s mission of raising Scoliosis Awareness in Ghana to promote a nationwide educational campaign

to highlight the vital importance of early diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis in children and to dispel fear and stigma surrounding the condition

Scoliosis Foundation, philanthropists et al. supports 12- year -old girl to undergo spine surgery.


May, 2016

The Board and management team of the Scoliosis Foundation (Ghana) launched 2016 International Scoliosis Awareness week program at the residence of the Nii Ngleshi Alata Chief's residence.

The program was well attended by the Chiefs, Queen Mothers and Elders of Ngleshi Alata Traditional Council.

The Executive Dir educated them on what scoliosis is about, the need for diagnoses,

treatment and seek their support in campaigning against the stigmatisation of people with the condition.